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Hello Class,

Hope you all had a relaxing, long weekend. Two things for today:

  1. Some of you have not yet posted your reflections on Mr. Ehab’s visit to your blogs. If you haven’t done so already by 10:00, on Monday morning, then its late. That was your homework. To avoid losing more points, complete the assignment by the end of class today. Don’t forget to add links, photos, and make it interesting to read. I will be sharing your posts with Mr. Ehab later this week.
  2. You will visit TheDPhoto website and check out some of the photography articles there. They are mostly tutorials, which means they will teach you something. Your assignment is to learn and teach the class.Choose an article that interests you. Browse through the website, look through the categories, or even use the search feature to look for something in particular.  Once you find an article that interests you, let the substitute teacher know so they can make sure nobody else is using that same one. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE SAME ARTICLE AS OTHER PEOPLE.Directions.
    Once you’ve found the article you’re going to use as your lesson, you will begin preparing yourself for a short presentation that will happen next class. It will be your responsibility to understand the content of the article – so if there is something you do not quite understand from it, make sure you look it up. I would also suggest picking an article that is reasonable with an idea that is easy to grasp.

    Open a new Google Docs page  and outline your lesson. Jot down important points and summarize the tutorial  to help you give your lesson. Collect some pictures and insert them to your Google Docs page for use during your lesson. You are not allowed to use the same pictures used in TheDPhoto original article. Make sure you cite your sources, for everything – information & photos!

    It should not take you the entire class to find an article. This assignment can be done in one class period. If you’re not done by the end of class, please take the time to finish it at home. If you have any questions for me, email me. I will try my best to be online during class time to answer any questions you may have.

That’s it! Have fun, behave, help each other out and good luck!

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