This academic year, ACS Amman is piloting a blog network for students and teachers using WordPress MU. Students in the introductory computer classes in both the middle school and high school will be required to maintain blogs for the duration of the class. With the help of teachers interested in extending their instruction outside the traditional classroom, students can find motivation in maintaining their blogs well after the computer classes are over.

The goal is create a culture at ACS where students will use blogs as an electronic portfolio to collect and compile reflections on their learning in the form of writing, images, documents, podcasts, etc…For most students the concept of communicating on the Internet is not new. With Facebook being the most popular venue online for kids, many are familiar with posting and commenting. The challenge comes in teaching students how to find their voice and create engaging conversations with their audience.

Teachers can use blogs as a means to communicate with students, parents, and colleagues. A consistent and up-to-date blog maintained by teachers will set an example to students. Lesson summaries, homework and assignment reminders, and test reviews and resources are just a few of the many kinds of content teachers can make available on their blogs.

Check my Resources page for more on blogs, or start with the invaluable information The Thinking Stick blog presents for educators.

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