Voice your opinion on technology at ACS, and use your blog as the medium. I’ve heard many students complain about many issues this year. Put your thoughts on one of the topics in writing, and backup your opinion with solid facts, statistics, experts’ studies, videos, images, and anything else you can find to make a convincing connection between technology regulations at our school and the real world. Can some of the restrictions at our school actually help you learn?

Answer two of the following:

  • Why should mobile phones be allowed in school?
  • Why should Facebook be unblocked?
  • Why should iPods be allowed in classes?

Using the search strategies that we went over earlier this week, put together your answer for the question of your choice. Making connections in such topics requires a decent amount of research. Take advantage of the time you have in class to surf the web and search not only the standard “web page results”, but take a look at videos, news, and perhaps other schools’ websites. Please share your findings and your opinion in one post on your blog, title it “Making a Connection”. You will be assessed on the following:

  • Opinion presented on the topic and supported with facts.
  • Connections were made and implications discussed (i.e. ¬†school, disruptions to class, home, career, etc…)
  • Discusses current trends on the issue (i.e. experts’ opinions, recent news, etc…)
  • Facts/Statistics included.
  • At least one image included.
  • Organization (Writing) Conventions (Spelling & Grammar)
  • Citation (provide links)

Your blog is your web-presence; it’s personal, reflective of you, and has potential to reach millions. Make a convincing connection and perhaps you’ll be able to make a difference!

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