Your assignment is to create an audio podcast that is at between 2.5 to 5 minutes long using GarageBand. The final product should have at least 2 minutes of voice recording, a sound loop or imported audio, and at least 2 tracks.

Choose from one of the following ideas to create a project:

1.    Reflection: What is one book, movie, song, event, etc… that has had affected your life. How did it shape you as a person today? What have you learned from it? Was it inspirational? What did you discover about yourself?

2.    Present the news: Find one article online that you will read “radio-style” on your podcast. You must include an intro and outro sound effect for the news piece. You may include, more than one piece of news, ads, or commentaries.

3.    Be a talk-show host: Choose an issue that concerns you and create a podcast with a classmate to discuss the topic in a talk-show format.

For ideas on what this project should look like, click here to see what students from last semester submitted by visiting the ACS Amman Blog Directory. You must save this project as an mp3 file and upload it to your blog. This assignment is due at the end of class on Thursday, March 31.

Leave your questions in the comments below or email me. Have fun!

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