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Thoughts on Touch-Typing

Desktops to laptops to tablets and smartphones, we’re exposed to all sorts of different input devices. The debate over teaching typing in schools is ongoing. My first computer course in the 8th was a typing class. A whole period. An entire 50 minutes dedicated to typing in computer lab.… [Continue Reading]


World Education Games 2013

In February of this year I registered my elementary school in the annual World Education Games which brings together millions of students in some healthy competition to race against others in the same age category to answer math, literacy, and science questions.… [Continue Reading]


New Generation

The floppy disk has been around for over 25 years, and according to Wikipedia – most manufacturers stopped supporting them by 2010. The floppy is pretty iconic, and you would think that anybody who’s been using the computer for a decent amount of time would know what it is.… [Continue Reading]