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Is Wikipedia Reliable?

Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information? Being a wiki, Wikipedia’s content can be modified by anybody. How can we trust it? But it is considered the largest encyclopedia on the Internet. How can we ignore it?

You should have already read these two articles:

  • Evaluating Internet Research Sources:
  • Critically Analyzing Information Sources:

Write a blog post discussing your views on whether or not Wikipedia is a reliable source of information.… [Continue Reading]


Working with Categories, Tags, & Links

I’ve prepared a short screencast on how to work with categories, tags, and links on your blogs as we discussed in class. Follow the instructions and remember to complete the following:

  • each post should be in at least 2 categories
  • each post should have at least 3 tags
  • add at least 8 links to your blog roll

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below for others to benefit from when I answer, or email me directly:

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Photographer Visit – Ehab Othman

Ehab Othman, a professional freelance photographer will join us on Wednesday to speak to us about his photography. Ehab is an “independent photographer specialized in commercial photography : fashion, food & products. As well as the passion for landscapes & outdoors.”

Copyright ® Ehab Othman

Ehab will bring a display of a selection of his equipment that he uses on a regular basis in his line of work.… [Continue Reading]